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    Will the Hoyt Remote work with my ESC?   Unless your receiver is integrated into the remote (like some Hobbywing ESCs), it should be compatible. 
    How do I pair the remote with a receiver?  Please watch: YouTube
    Can I paired  the Hoyt puck with more than one board?  Yes, but for safety reasons, not concurrently. 
    What range can I get on the Hoyt St EL1?  Please use our range calculator.
    Do you ship internationally?  Yes and no.  We currently offer international shipping on our remote controls but not yet on our full board builds.  For international puck orders, email for quotes and instructions. 
    Will my wheels fit the EL1?  The wheel pulleys on the EL1 match Abec11 cores and deck clearance should be sufficient for up to 5” (125mm). 
    Why don’t your boards have a reverse capability?  We believe it’s a safety hazard; when hard braking and jumping off the board with reverse capability, it can rocket backwards and hit someone if you don’t concurrently let off the brake. 
    Why can I fly with the Hoyt St EL1 but not my other 10s3p board?  The EL1 has three 10s1p batteries, each under 100Wh, allowing them to be removed and hand carried onto the plane while you check your board in the free travel bag.  
    Does Hoyt St have a store?  All sales are processed online but we do have some boards on display at Bamboo Revolution (1300 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR). 
    Can I get a test ride?  Hellz yeah!  Reach out to us at to schedule a time to visit our Portland, Oregon workshop and go for a spin. 
    Where do you get your wood decks?  Wood is a four letter word; our decks are hand crafted at Bamboo Revolution (1300 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR) from 100% bamboo, a sustainable and fast growing grass with a higher specific compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete and a specific tensile strength that rivals steel.  
    Why so expensive, bro?  Quality and innovation never come cheap. 
    I keep losing screws, what should I do?  Invest in some Loctite Blue 243.
    I’m an influencer with a gazillion followers, can I get a free board?  No. 
    Please submit additional FAQ requests to