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    "We regard each purchase as the start of a relationship and service every board as one of our own."

    - Hoyt St Ethos


      Like all performance vehicles, electric skateboards are not maintenance-free machines.  Please email us with your information if you would like to send your board in for a tune up.  This service will remain free* for a limited time and can be exercised for up to 12 months.  A service fee will be charged thereafter.

      Why does Hoyt St offer this?

      1. Preventive maintenance means fewer repairs.
      2. Tuned boards are safer.
      3. Hoyt St can gather wear-n-tear data for future improvements.
      4. Electric skateboards are exposed to extreme vibrations and shock.  Quality service is the natural counterpart to a quality product.
      5. We have the facilities.  Your boards will be tuned where they were designed, engineered and built - Portland, Oregon.


      • Belt tension and condition.
      • Battery charge and voltage balance.
      • Wheels, bearings, motors, pulleys, and remote control functionality.
      • Motor mounts and internal screws condition and tension.
      • Duodeck, hardware, and dampening foam conditions.
      • Seals around front panels, control panel, thrusters, and heat shrink.


      • Overall conditioning, balancing, and tightening.
      • Belt re-tensioning or replacement.
      • Wheels, bearings, and pulley replacement.
      • Re-sealing against water/debris intrusion.
      • Dampening foam replacement.
      • Re-gripping.
      • Winterizing.

      Ship your board with the Hoyt St travel bag and original cardboard shipping box.

      * No charge for service.  Pay only component replacement costs based on warranty guidelines.  This program will remain free for a limited time.